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  Payment Rules
   1. We require a 600€ deposit to book the room that will be returned at the end of your stay by bank transfer.
   2. 50€ of your monthly rental is destined to cover your utilities. Keep in mind that your consumption of utilities is not unlimited. If your consumption surpasses 50€ per month, we will subtract the difference from your deposit.
   3. We only accept payments for a full month or half month*. We do not discount days of the month to adjust your check-in or check-out days. For example, if you leave on the 7th you will be charged half month
   4. The monthly rental has to be paid during the first 7 days of the month.
  Cancellation Policy
- In case you do not like your room during your check-in, your deposit will not be returned.
- Cancellations of confirmed bookings before the established date of arrival, will be charged with 300 € penalisation.
  Check-in Rules
- Check-in must be done from Monday to Friday (from 9:00 to 19:00). If the check-in finishes later than 19:00h, there is an additional cost of 30€. The latest check-in time during the week is until 21h (additional cost: 30€).
- Check-in during weekends or local holidays will have an additional cost of 50€. 
  Check-out Rules
- Depending on your departure time, you should give your keys personally to your contact person or leave them on the desk of your room.
   House Rules
   1. Parties are strictly forbidden.
   2. High levels of noise are not allowed from 10 pm to 8 amThe breach of any of these two clauses implies a penalty of 300€
   3. You are allowed to have overnight guests as long as: 
            - They stay a maximum of 3 nights
            - All your flatmates agree
            - All the rooms of the flat are occupied
            - You must notify us in advance and send us a copy of the guest's passport or ID
- Each room is equipped with the basic furniture for the daily life (bed, desk, chair and closet)
- The kitchens are equipped with basic kitchen utensils.
- We do not provide bed linen, towels either pillows.
- We do not provide housekeeping services.
You can download a sample of one of our contracts below, in which you will find a detailed explanation of the rules described above.


*We consider that all months have 30 days.

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